Recruiting and Hiring Account Executives

Lianne is a sales recruiter with experience hiring hundreds of sellers for companies like Gong, Pluralsight, Zscaler, Anaplan, and SuccessFactors. In this guide, she outlines what to look for when hiring SMB, Mid-market, and Enterprise AE’s, how to apply outreach and sequencing best practices to recruiting, and how to close great candidates.

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Questions covered in this guide: 

What are the different “types” of Account Executives that you might need to recruit?

For each type of AE, what quota and compensation ranges are typical?

What qualities or skills should be on your hiring scorecard?

How should you think about writing an AE job description?

How should you think about describing your company to entice AE candidates?

How should you think about posting job recs for AE positions? Do job postings work, and if so where and what should you post?

Where are the smart places for a young company to take a risk on salespeople?

How should you screen respondents to your posting?

If you’re doing outreach to recruit AE’s, how should you think about defining your target profile?

What messaging works well in AE outreach?

How should you think about recruiting outreach cadences and tracking?

Who should be involved in the AE hiring process? What’s the role that each participant plays?

How many candidates should you plan to evaluate for every AE that you hire?

Salespeople are often great at selling themselves - what interview questions or tests help cut through that?

What reference checks should you perform and what should you look for?

How should you present an offer?

How do you entice great salespeople to accept your offer? 

What are the most important pieces to get right?

What are the common pitfalls?

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