Driving Sales Velocity in Complex Enterprise Deals

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Mark Vashon has led sales at major enterprise software providers including AgilOne, SuccessFactors and ServiceMax. In this guide, he describes how startups should navigate the varied stakeholders, established processes, and long sales cycle that comes with enterprise selling.

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Questions covered in this guide: 

What are the key ways complex enterprise deals are different from more transactional sales?

When selling specialized enterprise software, you often have fewer “at-bats” in the market. How should teams maximize each opportunity?

What are the roles that might be involved in a complex sale on your company’s side?

How do you make sure Enterprise SDRs/BDRs can handle big accounts?

How should AEs and SEs work together?

What are some of the roles you’re likely to encounter on the buyer’s side (e.g. the champion, more senior execs, procurement, etc.)?

How should you think about managing multiple decision-makers and signers?

How should you think about partnerships in enterprise sales?

How can you accurately forecast and manage a pipeline of lumpy enterprise deals?

What are the most important pieces to get right?

What are the common pitfalls?

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