Sean Lane
Sean Lane
Sales Operations and Go-To-Market Leader with experience at hypergrowth B2B software companies
Sean is currently the VP of Field Operations at Drift, the revenue acceleration platform, where he’s helped grow the Sales organization from 20 to 80+ sellers. He also hosts the company’s Operations podcast. Sean has led Go-to-Market Ops teams across the customer journey, ranging from Marketing, Sales and Customer Success Ops. Prior to Drift, Sean led Revenue Operations at Upserve, a restaurant technology company, where he joined as the 25th employee and grew with the company to 250+ employees,
Strategic and Tactical RevOps Planning for the New Year: The Fiscal Year Flip
Sean Lane is the former Head of Revenue Operations at Drift and a founder of Minot Light consulting, providing scalable revenue strategies for start-up and scale-up companies. In this guide, Sean walks through the steps to build a strategic and tactical plan for the new year including building an operating plan, quota and headcount planning, territory planning, and compensation planning.
Building a Sales Ops Function
Sean Lane has led revenue operations at Drift and Upserve, and hosts Drift's Operations Podcast. In this guide, he explains the different roles sales ops plays, and how to build both the org and processes that make up the function.

Areas of Expertise

Instrumenting the Customer Journey It’s incredibly important to build out the customer journey and the hand-offs within it, from the earliest prospecting efforts through the sale process, and into post-sale implementation and customer success. Sean has end-to-end experience building and instrumenting organizations' tech stacks, having worked in nearly every customer-facing role including SDR Management and Customer Success before moving into Operations.
Sales Processes and Forecasting Sean has extensive experience building processes and strategy for key sales activities like lead delivery, opportunity and pipeline management, and forecasting.
Sales Specialization and Segmentation In his time at Drift, Sean has helped with two massive segmentation efforts to specialize sales teams and better meet customers' needs. He can discuss the way funnels and metrics differ for different market segments, you’d set up and treat an SMB vs. mid-market vs. enterprise funnels, based on the different sales cycles, average selling prices, and deal complexities.
Building SDR Teams At Upserve, Sean grew the company's SDR team from 7 people to 20 in 18 months. He has extensive knowledge about key Sales Development metrics, processes, and performance management.

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