Audrey Crane
Audrey Crane
User Experience Design Expert
Audrey is a Partner and Chief Growth Officer at DesignMap. She’s had the great fortune to provide strategic, design, and research support and services over the years to clients like Salesforce, Docker, Electrify America, RSA, A3Ventures, NetApp, Aetna, and eBay, among many others over her 25 years in high tech. She’s also the author of the book “What CEOs Need to Know About Design: A business leader’s guide to working with designers.”
Building a Design Function
Audrey Crane is a Partner at DesignMap, and has worked with companies like Salesforce, Docker, NetApp, and eBay over her 25 years in tech. In this guide, she explains how to build out a design function, including how many designers you need, what skills to look for in a hire, and how to leverage third-party design firms.

Areas of Expertise

Design Hiring and Org Planning Audrey can help companies think about what design skills they need (interaction, visual, experience, research), as well as what titles they should look for when building out their design team.
Working Effectively with Designers Audrey can help business leaders ensure that they’re giving their design teams the right feedback and feed-forward (guidance) for optimal collaboration.
Workshops and Training DesignMap runs both public workshops and bespoke company trainings around product design

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