Rachel Haley

Rachel Haley

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Sales Operations Leader

Rachel was a Senior Director of Sales Operations at Snowflake; she joined as an individual contributor when Snowflake had 30 quota-carrying AEs and grew with the company to 400+ AEs to become a leader in the 30+ person sales ops organization. She previously held sales operations roles at Sumo Logic and Salesforce, and is now the CEO of Clarus Designs, a consulting firm focused on sales and marketing operational efficiency. 


Rachel Haley has run capacity planning while in sales ops leadership roles at Snowflake, Sumo Logic, and Salesforce. In this guide, she details the steps of a good sales capacity planning process and the major deliverables that come out of one.


Other Areas of Expertise

Designing Sales Compensation
Rachel owned or participated in sales compensation planning at both Snowflake and Sumo Logic, and believes strongly in the power of compensation design in aligning the salesforce with company priorities and driving the right behavior. The biggest mistake she sees is over-complicating comp, and she can advise on a few key pieces that eliminate a lot of headache.
Building an Outbound Outreach Database
One of Clarus Designs’ key services is lead generation and qualification. Rachel can advise on how to research profiles for target companies to build or clean up a high-quality lead database.
Sales Process Design
Rachel can advise on sales process structure, CRM customization, and revenue ops dashboarding and analysis.

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