Mary Sheehan

Mary Sheehan
Product Marketing Leader

Mary currently leads product marketing for Adobe’s Advertising Cloud, where she’s responsible for launching new products, positioning for growth, and creating go-to-market strategies. She previously led product marketing at SocialChorus, an enterprise SaaS platform for internal corporate communications, during its growth journey. Mary has also held product marketing roles at AdRoll, a performance marketing company, and Google.


Mary Sheehan leads product marketing for Adobe’s Advertising Cloud and previously led the function at SocialChorus, NextRoll, and learned the trade at Google. She is also the host of the Women in Product Marketing podcast, a Top 100 product marketing influencer, and a Top 50 product marketing mentor. In this guide, she describes how to prepare for, coordinate, and measure product launches of all types, from routine releases to major new offerings.

Other Areas of Expertise

Market Validation
Mary can advise on frameworks to use (e.g. jobs to be done), who to talk to, and how to record findings for market validation projects.
Messaging and Positioning
Mary conducts messaging and positioning workshops, and can advise on how to bring a team together to synthesize a messaging and positioning strategy, or can scope an engagement to facilitate a session.
Competitive Intelligence Research
Mary has developed a systematic approach to competitive research, and can share tips on what data to gather, where to look, and how to leverage freelancers for the repetitive aspects of the research.

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