John Rougeux

John Rougeux

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Marketing Leader Specializing in Category Design

John is currently VP of Marketing Strategy at BombBomb, a video email marketing platform, where he leads category design and messaging, positioning and content strategy. He also co-hosts the #CategoryCreation series on the B2B Growth Show podcast, through which he’s drawn insights from category designers at Hubspot, Salesforce, and Drift. John was previously a VP Marketing at Skyfii, a publicly-traded SaaS company that helps physical venues measure, predict, and influence visitor behavior.


John Rougeux is VP of Marketing Strategy at BombBomb and hosts the #CategoryCreation series on the B2B Growth Show podcast. In this guide, he explains how to use category design to capitalize on unclaimed market territory and to help prospects evaluate your product using advantageous criteria.


Other Areas of Expertise

Evangelizing New Categories
John can help category designers think about how to get their categories (and their companies) noticed. This includes both high profile marketing campaigns designed to get press and market attention, as well as the ongoing activities that go into building a presence.

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