OneGuide exists to make finding spot-on expertise simple

It's never efficient to reinvent the wheel

This is why young startups bring on experienced hires, and the reason consulting firms can  add value by repeating similar project types and sharing insights across clients. Small companies can’t always afford an FTE or a big consulting project, but that shouldn’t mean they need to fly blind.

We find river guides who've done it before

OneGuide seeks out operators with tactical know-how, so that whatever the growth scenario, we can point you to someone who’s been there before.

Writing down knowledge makes it retrievable

Major consulting firms build massive knowledge bases of previous cases, and large tech companies document expertise in internal wikis. It’s a huge investment, but also a hugely powerful archive. At most companies, and certainly across companies, most executive knowledge lives only in executives’ heads.

We document what experts know best

Beyond just listing experts and their resumes, we conduct in-depth interviews to flesh out the topics experts are most knowledgeable about. OneGuide users can access that information 24/7.

Nothing replaces asking an advisor questions

There’s a lot of great business knowledge out there in books, blogs, podcasts and conference keynotes. But no mass-media communication can compare to the value of asking a knowledgeable expert specific questions about the situation you’re facing.

We facilitate 1:1 calls and coaching

OneGuide takes the friction out of connecting with advisors. Too often the process of finding, vetting, and scheduling takes longer than time spent actually getting advice. OneGuide screens and categorizes experts up front so that users can spend less time on “get to know you” calls and more time digging into growth challenges.

About the Experts

OneGuide experts are functional leaders with years of experience in their disciplines at B2B software companies, including  tech giants and unicorn-track startups.

About the Founder

Kate Hopkins

Kate is obsessed with B2B growth strategy. She’s advised 15+ companies while working in portfolio growth operations, and participated in the broader SaaS community conversation by speaking and writing at venues like SaaStr, Empower B2B, and Mind the Product. Through her experience across companies, she noticed similar tactical questions arising again and again, and those growth challenges (along with new ones surfaced by OneGuide members) inform the experts and topics on the platform.

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