Communicating product development to the market
Recommended because: Bridging product and sales is a fundamental challenge. These guides cover product marketing (articulating the positioning and message), sales enablement (packaging it for sellers), and product launch (the process of consistently communicating about new features and products).

Managing B2B Product Launches and Releases

Mary Sheehan has help product marketing leadership roles at Adobe and SocialChorus. In this guide, she describes how to prepare for, coordinate, and measure product launches of all types, from routine releases to major new offerings.
Mary Sheehan
Mary Sheehan

Hiring a Product Marketer

Ryan Goldman is the Vice President of Product Marketing at SoundCloud and has led marketing or product marketing at Pendo, Sentry, SignalFx, and Cloudera, and over the course of his career, he's managed or hired 15+ B2B product marketers. In this guide, he explains how to find a product marketer who can serve as a bridge between the product, the sales org, and the market.
Ryan Goldman
Ryan Goldman

Building a Sales Enablement Function

Christi Wall is currently the Head of Revenue Enablement & Operations at SecZetta Inc. Previously, she was the Director of Strategic initiatives at Chainalysis, a blockchain analysis company, where she previously served as Director of Revenue Enablement. She has supported 250+ sellers across her sales enablement roles and has led Training and Enablement at Ping Identity.
Christi Wall
Christi Wall
Post-M&A domain integration strategy
Recommended because: Both the Encompass and Orchestra websites still exist, Tory can advise on domain strategy and integration after M&A.

Setting SEO Strategy

Tory Gray is the Founder of The Gray Dot Company, a consultancy that helps businesses grow ROI through digital strategy, with a focus on strategic and technical SEO. In this guide, she outlines how to plan SEO, from identifying the right keywords, to building a sound keyword matrix, to creating ideal content and optimizing page structure.
Tory Gray
Tory Gray
Monetizing payments
Recommended because: It looks like Encompass facilitates customer payments via its PayLink product, and Orchestra is also well-positioned to offer a payments product--there may be more value to capture by setting up or optimizing processing partner relationships.

Optimizing a Payments Processing Partnership

Greg Myers is a payments ecosystem expert and the host host of the Monetize your Payments podcast. In this guide, he outlines the different types of payment processor relationship options available to software companies, along with the risks, benefits, and considerations that come with each.
Greg Myers
Greg Myers

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