Developing a rising sales leader
Recommended because: Lori and Amyra could be great all-around mentors (both inside sales leaders) for a step-up leader. In addition to one-off calls, OneGuide can facilitate monthly/quarterly advising arrangements.

Lori Harmon

Lori Harmon
High-velocity sales leader with experience at B2B software companies from 7 to 100K+ employees
Lori Harmon is currently Vice President of Global Cloud Digital Sales & Customer Success at NetApp. She has built high-velocity sales teams at companies across the growth spectrum, from joining early startups as the first sales hire to helping public companies achieve revenue targets of $1B. In this guide she outlines how high-velocity sales teams should design their sales org, set up their processes and leverage tech tools to drive efficiency and productivity.

Other areas of expertise:


Tools for High Velocity Sales

Deal Strategy

Hiring and Org Design

Amyra Rand

Amyra Rand
Sales leader with experience at B2B software companies with 25 to 1,000’s of employees
Amyra Rand is the Vice President of Sales at Ziflow, and has previously held sales leadership roles at Criteria Corp, Kareo, HireRight, and Sage. In this guide, she discusses how she’s seen close rates improve 30% with a demo certification process, and lays out how teams can build strong demo practices at any deal size.

Other areas of expertise:

Building More Diverse Sales Teams

Coaching Sales Teams
Hiring and onboarding AEs
Recommended because: Govenda has an open AE rec.

Recruiting and Hiring Account Executives

Lianne is a sales recruiter with experience hiring hundreds of sellers for companies like Gong, Pluralsight, Zscaler, Anaplan, and SuccessFactors. In this guide, she outlines what to look for when hiring SMB, Mid-market, and Enterprise AE’s, how to apply outreach and sequencing best practices to recruiting, and how to close great candidates.
Lianne Gong
Lianne Gong

Onboarding Salespeople

Maggie Callahan has led revenue enablement at Convercent and Four Winds Interactive, overseeing training and onboarding for 80+ AEs and SDRs. In this guide, she explains the key components of sales onboarding and how to design a repeatable process.
Maggie Callahan
Maggie Callahan
Uplevelling CS
Recommended because: Govenda has a few CS team members, and may still be defining roles and processes for the function.

Codifying Your Company’s Customer Success Playbooks

Kristi is currently the VP of Customer Success at ClientSuccess and has previously led the function at IntelliShift, BetterCloud, and Sisense. Her specialty is scaling customer success at hyper-growth companies on their way to $100M in ARR. In this playbook, she explains how CS teams can craft repeatable playbooks to handle common scenarios. She lays out four families of CS playbooks: risk, expansion, lifecycle, and objectives.
Kristi Faltorusso
Kristi Faltorusso

Managing a Customer Success Team

Boaz currently serves as Chief Customer Officer at Talech and has previously led customer success at OpenGov, Mashery, newScale, and FreeMarkets. In this guide, he discusses the role of Customer Success, how to structure a CS team as a company grows, and what metrics to track to measure success.
Boaz Maor
Boaz Maor
Product marketing best-practices
Recommended because: These guides could help whichever function owns product marketing (product or marketing) make sure the fundamentals are covered, while Govenda doesn't have any product marketing specialists.

Managing B2B Product Launches and Releases

Mary Sheehan leads product marketing for Adobe’s Advertising Cloud and previously led the function at SocialChorus, NextRoll, and learned the trade at Google. She is also the host of the Women in Product Marketing podcast, a Top 100 product marketing influencer, and a Top 50 product marketing mentor. In this guide, she describes how to prepare for, coordinate, and measure product launches of all types, from routine releases to major new offerings.
Mary Sheehan
Mary Sheehan

Defining an Ideal Customer Profile

Kirby Wadsworth is the CMO of Ionir, and has served as CMO at enterprise software and networking companies including Illusive Networks, Bayshore Networks, and Limelight Networks. In this guide, he explains how to identify prospect characteristics that predict strong fit, to help sales and marketing automate prioritization.
Kirby Wadsworth
Kirby Wadsworth

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