To advise on product marketing

Daniel Murphy

Daniel Murphy
Product marketing leader with experience at B2B software companies with 45 to 1,000+ employees
Dan Murphy has led product marketing at Privy and Drift, where he’s overseen over 70 product launches and more than a dozen large, new product launches. In this guide, he walks through how to position and launch major new offerings, including new products, products introduced to new verticals, acquired products, and important partnerships.

Other areas of expertise:

Product Launch Framework

Building and Scaling Product Marketing

B2B Brand and Audience Building

Ryan Goldman

Ryan Goldman
Product Marketing Leader with experience at B2B software companies from 25-75,000+ employees employees
Ryan Goldman is the Vice President of Product Marketing at SoundCloud and has led marketing or product marketing at Pendo, Sentry, SignalFx, and Cloudera, and over the course of his career, he's managed or hired 15+ B2B product marketers. In this guide, he explains how to find a product marketer who can serve as a bridge between the product, the sales org, and the market.

Other areas of expertise:

Marketing for Developer Products

Category Creation

Product Launch
To advise on pricing, packaging, and selling value

Mark Stiving

Mark Stiving
Pricing educator and advisor specializing in B2B pricing
Mark Stiving is Chief Pricing Educator at Impact Pricing, an advisory firm specializing in value-based pricing for B2B technology companies. In this guide, he describes how to manage a price increase (which probably shouldn’t be an across-the-board increase) including deciding how much more to charge, which customers should see a price increase, and how to manage the roll-out.

Other areas of expertise:

Setting Subscription Pricing and Packaging

Choosing a Pricing Model

Creating, Communicating, and Capturing Value
To advise on upsell/cross-sell strategy

Boaz Maor

Boaz Maor
Customer Success Leader with experience at B2B software companies from 47 - 1,800+ employees
Boaz currently serves as Chief Customer Officer at Talech and has previously led customer success at OpenGov, Mashery, newScale, and FreeMarkets. In this guide, he discusses the role of Customer Success, how to structure a CS team as a company grows, and what metrics to track to measure success.

Other areas of expertise:

Goal-setting for Customer Success Teams

Building Low-touch or Tech-touch CS Teams

Customer Marketing

Customer HealthScore and Customer Maturity Index:
To advise on integrating an add-on acquisition (internally)

David Demres

David Demres
Business operations leader with experience at B2B software companies with 70-300+ employees
David Demres is Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Development at AutoQuotes, where he’s responsible for M&A. Across similar previous roles, he’s helped integrate 10+ add-on acquisitions. In this guide, he explains how to plan for a successful add-on integration from pre-close planning to full integration 90-180 days later. David covers financial, operational, technical, and communications aspects of the integration process.

Other areas of expertise:

Culture and Strategic Planning

Strategic Partnerships

Add-On Acquisitions

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