Driving the customer expansion effort
Recommended because: These CS and onboarding experts could be helpful with identifying what type of leadership Domuso needs to get drive revenue per unit, and/or to mentor the leaders who are in the seat

Developing a Customer Onboarding Process

Donna Weber is a recognized Customer Success thought leader and strategist. She’s currently a consultant specializing in customer onboarding, implementation, enablement, and education for high-growth companies. She previously built out customer success and customer enablement organizations at SugarCRM and Jaspersoft. In this guide, she dispels the notion that onboarding is just implementation and shows how education, enablement, and support should be woven into onboarding to help new customers see value and succeed quickly.
Donna Weber
Donna Weber

Managing a Customer Success Team

Boaz Maor currently serves as Chief Customer Officer at Talech and has previously led customer success at OpenGov, Mashery, newScale, and FreeMarkets. In this guide, he discusses the role of Customer Success, how to structure a CS team as a company grows, and what metrics to track to measure success.
Boaz Maor
Boaz Maor
Customer engagement marketing
Recommended because: Customer campaigns could help drive utilization within property portfolios

Managing Customer Engagement Marketing

Lisa Pratt is the Vice President of Customer Engagement Marketing at UKG where she leads a team responsible for customer marketing, customer intelligence, advocacy, and community for more than 20,000 customers. In this guide, she explains how customer marketing can make customer retention and expansion efforts more effective at scale, and describes how to manage the function.
Lisa Pratt
Lisa Pratt
Managing complex enterprise sales
Recommended because: Mark could be a valuable advisor as Domuso thinks about tuning its enterprise sales motion

Driving Sales Velocity in Complex Enterprise Deals

Mark Vashon has led sales at major enterprise software providers including AgilOne, SuccessFactors and ServiceMax. In this guide, he describes how startups should navigate the varied stakeholders, established processes, and long sales cycle that comes with enterprise selling.
Mark Vashon
Mark Vashon
Optimizing payments take rate
Recommended because: Greg is a great resource if Domuso wants to ensure that its payfac relationship is well-tuned.

Optimizing a Payments Processing Partnership

Greg Myers is a payments ecosystem expert and the host host of the Monetize your Payments podcast. In this guide, he outlines the different types of payment processor relationship options available to software companies, along with the risks, benefits, and considerations that come with each.
Greg Myers
Greg Myers

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