Setting a Content Strategy Across Website, Blog, and Social Media

Michelle Hsu is the Founder of KJMH Digital and previously held marketing roles at B2B SaaS companies including Freshbooks and Vision Critical. In this guide, she demonstrates how B2B SaaS websites can be optimized for the right headers, call to actions, social proof, solution showcasing, and thought leadership. She also explains how organic social media and blogs can be factored into a corporate content strategy.

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Questions covered in this guide 

What are the first questions a leadership team needs to ask themselves about a content plan?

What key elements should go on your homepage, and what should you consider when setting each element?

What are the key pages to consider having as a part of your website? What goes on each?

What are the tactics for tailoring your website experience for different visitors? 

When should a B2B company have a blog?

How often should you post to your blog?

What categories of content make for good blog fodder?

Who should write the blog? 

Which social platforms should B2B companies consider cultivating?

What types of content make for good organic social content?

How often and when should you post to social?

How should you think about your content calendar and production plan?

What metrics should you track and target across your website, blog, and organic social media?

What are the tools in the content tech stack?

What are the most important pieces to get right?

What are the common pitfalls?

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