Setting a Blog Content Strategy

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Maria Waida is a SaaS blog expert and the founder of SaaSy Copywriting, where she specializes in content to help companies develop thought leadership positions in their industries and propel inbound sales. In this guide, she describes the types of content that B2B companies should write for their blogs, how to align blogs with overall strategy, and how to tune content for maximum SEO impact.

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Questions covered in this guide:

What’s the value of a well-planned blog strategy?

How might blogs for different audiences look different?

Who owns the blog and who contributes? At what stage do you need one or more full-time people dedicated to content?

What types of content should you incorporate into your blog?

What are the steps to create “for dummies” content?

What are the steps to create Google Candy content?

How should you use calls to action (CTAs)?

How should business goals and strategy impact a blog strategy?

What should the content planning process look like?

How often should companies post to their blogs?

How should companies promote/distribute or re-use their blog content?

What type of content works best for different parts of the funnel?

What are the most important pieces to get right?

What are the common pitfalls?

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