Scaling Onboarding with Self-guided Pathways

Shareil Nariman is the Head of Customer Success at Arrows. Previously, he led customer lifecycle management, including onboarding, at Sprout Social and previously led operations teams at In this guide, he explains how companies that offer lower-priced SaaS products can leverage cross-functional collaboration and automation tools to design high quality self-guided customer onboarding experiences.

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Questions covered in this guide:

Why is good onboarding important?

What is an onboarding playbook?

How do you create an onboarding playbook for your organization?

What are the different “levels” of onboarding service? 

What levers can you use in self-guided onboarding?

How does onboarding evolve as you become more sophisticated?

How do you scale onboarding when you’re adding customers fast?

Who owns onboarding?  

What are some typical touchpoints for 1:1 onboarding?

What are some typical touchpoints for self-guided onboarding?

What tools/resources make onboarding easier?

How do you measure onboarding success?

What is an “onboarding guild”?  

Who makes up the “onboarding guild”?  

How often does the guild meet?

How does the guild get work done to improve onboarding?

How can an onboarding guild drive early value realization?

What are some of the ways a cross-functional approach transforms onboarding?

For what types of companies or products would an “onboarding guild” approach be valuable?

What are the most important pieces to get right?

What are the common pitfalls?

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