Managing a Customer Success Team

Boaz Maor currently serves as Chief Customer Officer at Talech and has previously led customer success at OpenGov, Mashery, newScale, and FreeMarkets. In this guide, he discusses the role of Customer Success, how to structure a CS team as a company grows, and what metrics to track to measure success.

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Questions covered in this guide:

What are the key objectives of a CS team?

What are the levers for maximizing the value to a customer?

“Customer Success” can refer both as an umbrella term to an org, as well as to a specific, proactive team under that umbrella. What are the functions within the broader customer success org?

What does the specific, proactive Customer Success management team do?

When does it make sense for CS to own upselling (in terms of sales cycle length and upsell type)?

What does proactive Customer Success do day-to-day?

At what stage/scale does it make sense to start having CSMs who are proactive retention/upsell specialists?

How many CSMs do you need?

When hiring for CSMs who can upsell, what should you look for?

What metrics should be tracked?

How do you set good goals for CSMs?  

How should CSM comp be structured?

What tools are in the CS tech stack?

What are the most important pieces to get right?

What are the common pitfalls?

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