Onboarding Salespeople

Maggie Callahan has led revenue enablement at Convercent and Four Winds Interactive, overseeing training and onboarding for 80+ AEs and SDRs. In this guide, she explains the key components of sales onboarding and how to design a repeatable process.

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Questions covered in this guide:

Why is it worth investing in formalizing sales onboarding?

What are the big components that must be included?

How does experienced AE onboarding differ from more junior AE/SDR onboarding?

How long should onboarding be?  

What does the onboarding timeline look like?

How does sales onboarding overlap with general employee onboarding?

How might AE onboarding be different at a company of 5 reps vs. at a company of 25 reps?

What tools or resources make this easier?  How do you create/use them?

What’s the best way to plan AE starts (e.g. time of year, starting multiple together)?

What are the most important pieces to get right?

What are common pitfalls?

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