Managing B2B Product Launches and Releases

Mary Sheehan has help product marketing leadership roles at Adobe and SocialChorus. In this guide, she describes how to prepare for, coordinate, and measure product launches of all types, from routine releases to major new offerings.

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Questions covered in this guide:

How do you define product launch?

What are the different types/levels of product launches?

What activities are appropriate for each of the different types/levels of product launches?

How do you manage product launches in an "agile” world to build incrementally but launch with impact?

Who's responsible for a product launch (what if you don't have a dedicated product marketer)?

When should a company invest in formalizing a product launch process?

How far in advance should you start launch planning (for different types/levels of launch)?

What are the steps in the launch timeline?

What key document(s) do you create for a launch?

What technology tools factor into a launch?

Who needs to be involved in the launch process? 

What other factors around your company/product/customer should be taken into account when creating your company's launch policies and plans?

What metrics do you measure, and what does success look like?

What are the most important pieces to get right?

What are the common pitfalls?

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