LinkedIn Advertising and Prospecting

Anthony Blatner is the founder and Chief Advertising Officer of Speedwork Social, an agency specializing in B2B LinkedIn advertising. In this guide, he advises on when to use LinkedIn advertising, when to use Sales Navigator prospecting, and how to make marketing dollars go the furthest given the expense of LinkedIn as a channel.

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Questions covered in this guide:

When should you use LinkedIn advertising? 

When should you use LinkedIn for prospecting? 

What variables should you use to target your LinkedIn ads?

How much do LinkedIn ads cost (and what does cost depend upon)?

How can you control your spend on LinkedIn?

How much do you need to spend to accurately test the effectiveness of LinkedIn advertising? 

What types of ads work best in terms of content and design? 

What are the steps for setting up a LinkedIn campaign?

How do you create high-quality content? 

How can you manage nurturing and retargeting?

How should LinkedIn ads fit into your broader digital marketing strategy? 

How can you use the LinkedIn insights tag? 

With named accounts, how should you incorporate LinkedIn into prospecting? 

How can you use LinkedIn to identify accounts for prospecting?

How do you make sure your LinkedIn profile looks good?

What are the most important pieces to get right? 

What are the common pitfalls?

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