Improving Your Company’s Online Brand

Ryan Erskine is a Brand Strategist with experience at the intersection of digital marketing, brand development, online reputation, and SEO. In this guide, he hones in on two main ways companies can improve their online brand: through better presence on review sites, and through better-branded search results. For both areas, he explains how companies can make sure positive results are the most visible.

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Questions covered in this guide:

What are the different ways you can shape your company’s online reputation?

What are the different review sites you might want to invest in cultivating?

What do you risk by ignoring review sites?

What are the best practices for setting up a good profile on a review site?

What steps should you take when you get a negative review?

If you haven’t been monitoring a review site and your organic reviews are so-so, how can you turn things around?

What can you do to systematically generate good reviews on an ongoing basis?

How do your search results impact the way would-be employees, customers, and others perceive your company?

​​If your company has negative organic search results, what can you do to push them down?

If your company isn’t showing up in search results for your brand name at all, what can you do?

How should you use paid keywords around your brand?

How should key individuals at a company think about optimizing their online presence?

What are the most important pieces to get right?

​​What are the common pitfalls?

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