Implementing Salesforce

Jen Flanagan is the Director of Sales Operations at Ordergroove, and has built or advised on dozens of Salesforce instances. In this guide, she explains what Salesforce can do natively, with integrations, and with customization and outlines, how Salesforce objects work and how to think about the right setup for your business.

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Questions covered in this guide: 

Why is it valuable to thoughtfully structure your CRM?

When do you need to make a bigger investment in optimizing your instance?

What can Salesforce do out-of-the-box (relatively easily), and what can it do if you invest more in configuration?

How should you think about optimizing integrations?

Who should be involved in your build-out?

Who should be your Salesforce administrator?

What standard and custom objects are you likely to need? How do you define each?

How should you think about custom fields (what’s the balance between a good addition and too many)?

How should you think about reporting?

What can you do to improve the data quality?

What are the most important pieces to get right?

What are the common pitfalls?

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