Developing a Strong Demo Practice

Amyra Rand is the Senior Vice President of Sales at Zipline, and has previously held sales leadership roles at Zipflow, Criteria Corp, Kareo, HireRight, and Sage. In this guide, she discusses how she’s seen close rates improve 30% with a demo certification process, and lays out how teams can build strong demo practices at any deal size.

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Questions covered in this guide:

Why should sales teams invest in improving their demos?

When should a company invest in formalizing or improving its demo processes?

How can you test whether your demo practice is solid?

Who’s responsible for designing and implementing demo strategies, and who should be involved?

What are all the different pieces of content that make up the demo resources?

What goes into a good demo deck?

How long should a demo be?

How should reps be trained and certified to give good demos?

How should all reps be trained and certified as new product development is released?

For SMB (lower-priced) sales what are the steps/components of a good demo?

For enterprise deals with many stakeholders and multiple meetings, how should you handle different meetings with different audiences?

What type of bespoke preparation should you do for enterprise demos? 

What types of more scalable preparation can you do for smaller deals (e.g. demo environment building)?

How can you customize a demo mid-meeting as you learn more about the prospect?

What are the most important pieces to get right?

What are the common pitfalls?

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