Designing an Outcome-based Hiring Process

Anthony Louis is Recruitment Lead at Beacon, a talent consultancy that helps growing organizations level up their internal hiring programs. In this guide he lays out a roadmap for an outcome-based hiring process, from writing a spec to identifying candidates to running an interview process to making the hire, all with better targeting and less bias.

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Questions covered in this guide

What is outcomes-based hiring, and why is it valuable?

What are the steps to take from the time you decide to open a spec, to when you choose a person to hire? 

How can you widen the top of your funnel to generate strong candidate volume?

What measures can you take to avoid bias, at the top of the funnel, and through the hiring process?

What is a hiring scorecard, and how is it different from the job description?

What are the key components of a good job description?

How should you aggregate feedback from each interviewer?

How should teams think about “cultural fit”?

How should you make a job offer to a candidate?

What should companies do after the offer is accepted to prepare for a successful start?

What metrics should you track?

What are the most important pieces to get right?

What are the common pitfalls?

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