Identifying and Multiplying Your Best Customers with Customer Segmentation

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Tamara Grominsky is the Chief Strategy Officer at Unbounce, and has previously led product marketing at other SMB-focused companies including FreshBooks and Yellow Pages. In this guide, she explains why customer segmentation is a powerful tool for improving conversion, acquisition cost, churn, and lifetime value. She outlines how to take on a segmentation project - from analysis to product packaging.

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Questions covered in this guide

What does it mean to segment customers?

What is the business value of customer segmentation?

What are signs that a company should invest in defining its customer segments? (Or at what stage should a company think about this)?

Who runs the segmentation process, and who should be involved?

What types of customer variables should companies use in segmenting customers?

What are the steps in the research/analysis of defining customer segments?

What are the steps in rolling out segmentation to start treating segments differently in sales and marketing?

How long does the process take (the research, and the roll-out to start acting on segmentation in sales and marketing?

How does segmentation impact pricing and packaging?

What tools and resources make segmentation easier (software tools, research tools, internal documents you create, etc.)?

How does your segmentation evolve?

What are the most important pieces to get right?

What are the common pitfalls?

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