Collecting Voice of the Customer Insights to Prevent Churn

Anita Toth is a Customer Success expert specializing in Voice of the Customer customer feedback. In this guide, she covers qualitative Voice of the Customer research techniques, including surveys, interviews, focus groups, listening tours, customer advisory boards, and testimonials.

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Questions covered in this guide:

What is the Voice of the Customer?

How does Voice of the Customer data help with churn?

Why is it important to go beyond quantitative data?

What are the different ways companies can collect Voice of the Customer data? When should you use each?

What are some specific moments when you should seek out Voice of the Customer insights?

How does Voice of the Customer research evolve as a company scales?

How should you manage the data?

How should you segment customers when conducting the research and analyzing the data?

How should you package and present the data to get buy-in from the executive team?

How is Customer Success's Voice of the Customer research different from customer research conducted by the product team?

What lessons can teams learn from academic human behavior research to get better insights?

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