Building a Sales Enablement Function

Christi Wall has led sales enablement at Chainalysis and Ping Identity, and has supported 250+ sellers over the course of her career. In this guide, she describes the responsibilities of sales enablement, how to set up a function, and how to measure its success.

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Questions covered in this guide:

What are the responsibilities of Sales Enablement?

What might an onboarding program look like?

What might ongoing training look like?

When does it make sense to build out an SE function?

Who does this before you hire a full-time person?

Who should sales enablement report to?

What other functions does SE work closely with?

When you hire for SE, what should you look for?

What are good backgrounds for SE?

What are the key activities for a sales enablement function?

What materials does this role create?

How do you enable newer vs. more experienced AEs?

What’s in the tech stack?

What coaching should sales leaders do vs. sales enablement should do?

How do you measure success?

What are the most important pieces to focus on (e.g. if you don’t have a full-time sales enablement person)?

What are the common pitfalls?

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