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Elyse Savaki

B2B Direct Response and Cold Email Expert

Elyse can help with…

  1. Sequence Design
    Elyse can design complete sequences and write copy for outreach emails (including elements to test) for companies looking for an outsourced copywriter.
  2. Outreach Audits
    Elyse can review a team’s existing sequences, and team up with deliverability experts to ensure that deliverability, targeting, and copy are all hitting the mark.
  3. Outreach Working Sessions
    For teams looking to tweak their strategy or build internal outreach competence, Elyse can facilitate working sessions.

Ed Forteau

Email Deliverability Expert

Ed can help with…

  1. Email Deliverability Audits
    Ed can audit a company’s email programs, to evaluate and optimize marketing, cold outreach, and transactional emails
  2. Email Tech Management
    The email tech stack can be complex, but Ed can help companies ensure that they’re using a good ESP, that their ESP and mailbox providers are giving them good IPs, and help them add an SMTP if appropriate.
  3. Email Security and Authentication
    Ed can help companies stay up-to-date with security checks, including SPF, DKIM, and DMARC.
  4. Email Automation Planning
    Email automation can help with both email campaign performance and deliverability. Ed can help companies ensure that they’re routing emails to engaged users who are more likely to buy, and more likely to open, click, and improve sender reputation.

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