Sales Podcast Playlist

Experts on the Playbook platform are thought leaders in their fields; check out this podcast playlist to listen to interviews with some of our sales authors.
Sales Podcast Playlist

Nick Rathjen

Lessons Learned from Hiring 200 Reps in a Year

Nick Rathgen leads sales development at Samsara, where he’s helped hire and onboard over 200 SDRs. In his playbook, he covers where to look for SDR candidates, profiles to target, effective evaluation tools, and how to ramp new SDRs successfully.

Christi Wall

How You Take Your Critical Internal Sales Knowledge and Turn It Into an Effective Training Program

Christi Wall has led sales enablement at Chainalysis and Ping Identity, and has supported 250+ sellers over the course of her career. In her playbook, she describes the responsibilities of sales enablement, how to set up a function, and how to measure its success.

Maggie Callahan

Chatting About Running Revenue Enablement

Maggie Callahan has led revenue enablement at Convercent and Four Winds Interactive, overseeing training and onboarding for 80+ AEs and SDRs. In her playbook, she explains the key components of sales onboarding and how to design a repeatable process.

Sean Lane

The 3-step Process to Cleaning Out Your Operations Closet

Sean Lane has led revenue operations at Drift and Upserve, and hosts Drift’s Operations Podcast. In his playbook, he explains the different roles sales ops plays, and how to build both the org and processes that make up the function.

Kyle Morris

Why Ops Pros Should Learn To Code

Kyle Morris is a CRM expert who’s run sales ops for a team of 130+ sellers at Gigya, and advised dozens of B2B software companies through his sales ops consultancy, Kicksaw. In his playbook, he outlines how different customer-facing teams should interact with a company’s CRM, and how to design a CRM instance to maximize insights and minimize headaches.

Rachel Haley

The Art And Science Of Snowflakes Sales Capacity Planning

Rachel Haley has run capacity planning while in sales ops leadership roles at Snowflake, Sumo Logic, and Salesforce. In her playbook, she details the steps of a good sales capacity planning process and the major deliverables that come out of one.

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