Marketing Podcast Playlist

Experts on the Playbook platform are thought leaders in their fields; check out this podcast playlist to listen to interviews with some of our marketing authors.
Marketing Podcast Playlist

Kirby Wadsworth

How a 4-Time CMO Says You Should Create Your Ideal Customer Profile

Kirby Wadsworth has served as CMO at enterprise software and networking companies including Illusive Networks, Bayshore Networks, and Limelight Networks. In his playbook, he explains how to identify prospect characteristics that predict strong fit, to help sales and marketing automate prioritization.

John Rougeux

An Insider’s Look at the Category Design Process

John Rougeux is VP of Marketing Strategy at BombBomb and hosts the #CategoryCreation series on the B2B Growth Show podcast. In his playbook, he explains how to use category design to capitalize on unclaimed market territory and to help prospects evaluate your product using advantageous criteria.

Mary Sheehan

Product Launches with the Head of Product Marketing at Adobe

Mary Thengvall leads developer relations at Camunda, and has long been a thought leader in the space, authoring the book, “The Business Value of Developer Relations” and publishing DevRel Weekly. In her playbook, she describes what DevRel is, and how to stand up a function to drive developer awareness, enablement, and engagement.

Dan Murphy

7 Steps to Crush Your Next Product Launch

Dan Murphy has led product marketing at Privy and Drift, where he’s overseen over 70 product launches and more than a dozen large, new product style launches. In this playbook, he walks through how to position and launch major new offerings, including new products, products introduced to new verticals, acquired products, and important partnerships.

Heidi Vandermeer

Executing a Successful ABM Campaign at Scale

Heidi Vendermeer has led account-based marketing at Security Compass and Uberflip, and has won an ABMie award for best ABM campaign at scale. In her playbook, she shares how to select an ABM account list, and how marketing and sales should work together to execute ABM campaigns.

Marc McDougall

Marc McDougall of Clarity First Consulting

Marc McDougall is a UI/UX designer specializing in helping SaaS companies book more demos and trials by optimizing their sites for conversions. In his playbook, he outlines best practices for high-conversion flows and the steps for iterative A/B testing.

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