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Customer Success Podcast Playlist

Experts on the Playbook platform are thought leaders in their fields; check out this podcast playlist to listen to interviews with some of our customer success authors.
Customer Success Podcast Playlist

Boaz Maor

CSM Comp Plans: How to Think About the Base Salary/Variable Split

Boaz currently serves as Chief Customer Officer at Talech and has previously led customer success at OpenGov, Mashery, newScale, and FreeMarkets. In his playbook, he discusses the role of Customer Success, how to structure a CS team as a company grows, and what metrics to track to measure success.

Maranda Dziekonski

Career Paths in Customer Success

Maranda Dziekonski is currently the Vice President of Customer Success and People Operations at Swiftly, and has previously led customer success and support teams at Lending Club and HelloSign. In her playbook, she describes the CSM role, where to look for candidates, and how to screen for judgement, proactive mindset and communication skills in interviews.

Kristi Faltorusso

What Are Key Playbooks You Should Have in CS?

Kristi is currently the VP of Customer Success at IntelliShift and has previously led the function at BetterCloud and Sisense. Her specialty is scaling customer success at hyper-growth companies on their way to $100M in ARR. In her playbook, she explains how CS teams can craft repeatable playbooks to handle common scenarios. She lays out four families of CS playbooks: risk, expansion, lifecycle, and objectives.

Shareil Nariman

Optimizing Customer Onboarding at Sprout Social

Shareil Nariman leads customer lifecycle management, including onboarding, at Sprout Social and previously led operations teams at In his playbook, he explains how companies that offer lower-priced SaaS products can leverage cross-functional collaboration and automation tools to design high quality self-guided customer onboarding experiences.

Donna Weber

Onboarding: The Critical Milestone in B2B SaaS

Donna Weber is President of Springboard Solutions, a boutique consulting firm specializing in customer onboarding. She previously built out customer success organizations at SugarCRM and Jaspersoft. In her playbook, she dispels the notion that onboarding is just implementation and shows how education, enablement, and support should be woven into onboarding to help new customers see value and succeed.

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Kristi Faltorusso
Kristi Faltorusso
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