Accelerate your leadership team's learning curve

Find advisors to scale your expertise as fast as your company

Accelerate your leadership team's learning curve

Specialized advisors to scale your expertise as fast as your company

Who is OneGuide for?

Leadership teams at fast-growing B2B software companies.

Founders and CEOs covering multiple functions

Founders and CEOs can look to OneGuide to fill in expertise gaps while the team is still maturing

Teams trying new strategies

Functional leaders can connect with advisors to tackle new challenges that arise as their scope of responsibility grows. 

Rising star leaders in step-up positions

Leaders who are new to their role can seek out advice on particular tactics, or find an ongoing mentor who knows their function.

How do you use OneGuide?

Read guides to get context in new areas and to evaluate experts to connect with.

Browse guides

We recommend guides based on your business situation, but you can also search using multiple criteria

Set up 1:1 calls

If you find an advisor you want to consult with, schedule a 60-minute call to discuss your company’s specifics

Engage ongoing advisors

If you click with an advisor, set up a monthly advising arrangement to meet with them regularly

How do you find the right guides?

Identify useful guides for your overall strategy and your current priorities.

When you sign up, the OneGuide team will ask about your business situation to curate relevant guides and advisors. All guides are tagged using multiple taxonomies to make it easy to find growth strategies you might never have otherwise considered.

Based on your stage

Growing $1M to $5M ARR

Growing $5M to $10M ARR

Growing $10M to $25M ARR

Growing beyond $25M ARR

Based on your sale type

SMB vs. mid-market vs. enterprise

Technical vs. non-technical buyer

Inbound vs. outbound sales motion

Vertical vs. horizontal solution

Based on your growth goals

Driving more top-of-funnel leads

Improving conversion

Decreasing churn

Increasing revenue per customer

Check out the playbooks in our library

How does OneGuide work for experts?

We seek out functional experts and make it easy for them to become advisors.

OneGuide advisors are experienced functional leaders (CXOs, VPs, Sr. Directors) who’ve grown through all or some of the $1-25M ARR journey before. We interview experts to get the best practices in their heads synthesized into guides (experts don’t need to do any writing), which are then available to subscribers our library. 

Experts are paid for calls and advisory engagements, and set their own rates and availability. Most of our experts are full-time operators who are passionate about sharing their craft, so we make the advisor experience as flexible and hassle-free as possible. To learn more about becoming an expert, contact us.

How much does OneGuide cost?

OneGuide is currently only available to beta subscribers, contact us to learn more about trial pricing and availability.

We’re currently working with a select group of Growth PE and VC firms and their portfolios of B2B software companies. If you’re a leader of or investor in B2B software companies, reach out to learn more about joining the beta!

How does the credit system work?

Users buy bundles of credits

The credit system makes it simple for subscribers to purchase credits they plan to use over a quarter or a year.

Experts set their credit rate per call

Each advisor has a set number of credits that a call will use. This can range between 1-5 credits. 

Users' credits are deducted for meetings

With each advising meeting, a users’ credits will be deducted. A user will easily be able to see how many credits they need based on how often they’re having advising meetings. 

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