A reset, an adjustment, a recession–there’s a good chance something’s coming, which means now is a great time to think about retention. That’s why we’re featuring guides with two complementary approaches to combatting churn.

The Quantitative Approach: Craft a Health Score

A well-tuned health score can help companies be proactive vs. reactive in spotting and responding to customer warning signs. Every company’s health score will be different, but they can draw on data like usage data, adoption data, satisfaction data, support ticket volume, and payment history.

Top tip: Don’t throw in a hundred variables. As Ed explains in his guide, “You can get very predictive with 5-7 variables; it’s simply a matter of narrowing it down to the right 5-7.”

The Qualitative Approach: Collect Voice of the Customer Insights

Voice of the customer insights come from activities like surveys, interviews, focus groups, listening tours, and customer advisory boards. At the very least, companies need to have a systematic way of asking customers who churn “what led to your decision to leave?”. Mature customer insights programs go a step further to use customer sentiment to uncover problems before they lead to churn.

Top tip: Beware neutral sentiment. As Anita explains in her guide, “It’s often better to have customers that are upset and negative because they’re emotionally involved, which usually means they’re willing to participate with you to fix whatever is causing the problem.”

Read the full text of these featured guides:

Collecting Voice of the Customer Insights to Prevent Churn

Collecting Voice of the Customer Insights to Prevent Churn

Anita Toth is a Customer Success expert specializing in Voice of the Customer customer feedback. In this guide, she covers qualitative Voice of the Customer research techniques, including surveys, interviews, focus groups, listening tours, customer advisory boards, and testimonials.


Predicting and Preventing Churn with Customer Health Scoring

Predicting and Preventing Churn with Customer Health Scoring

Ed Powers is a Principal Consultant at Service Excellence Partners, where he helps companies take an enterprise-wide approach to addressing churn. He’s previously led customer success at simPRO, a field service management software company, and InteiliSecure, a managed security services provider. Through his consulting work, he can help with customer success assessment, financial modeling, CS team training, and statistical analysis.


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