Solutions Engineering leader with experience at B2B software companies with 5 to 10,000 employees
Zach is currently the Head of Solutions Consulting at Rippling. Previously, he was the VP of Solutions Engineering at Slack, and has led solutions engineering at Optimizely and Box. He started his SE career as a sales engineer at Salesforce, and has experience across the scaling spectrum, from being the first and only SE, to working in organizations with 100’s of sales engineers. Zach is also a leadership member of the PreSales Collective, a solutions and value engineering community.
Building a Solutions Engineering Function
Zach Lawryk is Head of Global Solutions Consulting at Rippling. Previously, he has led solutions engineering at Slack, Optimizely and Box. In this guide, he explains the role of solutions engineering in the presale process, and outlines how to manage key SE responsibilities from demoing to technical discovery to running pilots.

Areas of Expertise

Hiring Solutions Engineers The ideal solutions engineer is a “unicorn” who has technical competency, is good in front of customers, and can empathize with salespeople. Zach has hired hundreds of SE and SE leaders over his career, and can help leaders evaluate candidates, both internal (e.g. support reps who might transfer into SE) and external.
The Intersection of Solutions Engineering, Sales Enablement, and Product Marketing The solutions engineering function works closely with other teams tasked with communicating the business value a product delivers. Zach can advise on how these functions should work together, and how young companies can make sure they have technical value communication covered.
Navigating the B2B Tech Ecosystem Zach has worked for and with major software companies like Slack, Optimizely, Box and Salesforce for 15+ years, and can help companies dissect the players in their space, how they’re regarded in the market, and how that landscape should impact strategy.

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