Sunir Shah
Sunir Shah
Partnerships expert, with experience in integration, reseller, and marketplace partnerships
Sunir is the founder and CEO of AppBind, a software company making it possible for partner resellers to buy SaaS and bill it to their clients. He’s also the President of the Cloud Software Association, an industry association for SaaS partnership professionals. Sunir was previously Head of Platform at FreshBooks, where he managed all business around the API and grew the FreshBooks ecosystem to over 70 integration partners.
Planning a SaaS Partnership Strategy
Sunir Shah is the founder of AppBind, a tool for resellers to manage SaaS subscriptions. He runs the Cloud Software Association, a SaaS partnership industry network, and previously led partnerships at FreshBooks. In this guide, he lays out how SaaS companies should think about integration, reseller, and marketplace partnership strategy.

Areas of Expertise

Launching Partnerships Sunir has put together a complete partnership launch checklist, and can advise on how to organize your partnership pipeline and how to coordinate negotiation, dev, marketing, and sales activities for a successful launch.
Managing Channel and Agency Partnerships From how to find channel partners, what do they want, how to structure your program, and how to drive success, Sunir can discuss how to build sustainable service partner and channel partnerships.
Managing Tech Partnerships From how to find tech partners, to how to build integrations, to how to manage support of shared customers, Sunir can discuss how to build sustainable product integration partnerships.

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