Rich Mironov
Rich Mironov
Product Management and Product Organization
Rich Mironov is CEO at Mironov Consulting, where he coaches product executives, product management teams, and revenue software organizations. He has worked with more than 190 tech companies and Heads of Product as an advisor or interim VP Product/CPO. A seasoned tech executive and serial entrepreneur, Rich has led Product at six companies including iPass and AirMagnet.
Building and Scaling a Product Org (with an Emphasis on Enterprise Tech Companies)
Rich Mironov is the CEO/Product Management Executive at Mironov Consulting where he has advised more than 190 tech companies and Heads of Product. In this guide, he walks through building and scaling a product org at a software company, including how to hire, reducing the distance between customer feedback and engineering, and product org structure.

Areas of Expertise

Coaching and Mentoring for Product Leaders Rich coaches and mentors product leaders (VPs of Product Management and Chief Product Officers). He can help them find collaborative approaches in complex organizations, defend the product roadmap without being rigid or dogmatic, and build credibility with adjacent functional groups. He provides one-on-one mentoring for product management leaders and a sounding board for complex or sensitive issues.
Client-Side Search Success for CPO/VP Product Roles Rich helps companies identify what they need in their product leaders, interview candidates, and help the right person.
Product Due Diligence for Investors Rich helps venture and private equity investors with product due diligence. This includes evaluating team structure, product strategy, economics, packaging/pricing, discovery/validation, and prioritization. Rich has done 15+ of these quick-turn assessments, delivering pithy observations and insights to potential investors.
Organizational Assessments of Product Management Groups Rich helps companies assess their product management groups. Recommendations often include ways of organizing teams and dividing responsibilities; fitting staff to development teams; and diagnosing areas of poor prioritization, strategic confusion, or chronic understaffing.

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