Product Advising, Coaching, and Recruiting
Prodify helps teams apply Vision-Led Product Management best practices to accelerate both shareholder value creation and product career development. They have worked with 75 companies over the last 7 years.
Rajesh Nerlikar
Rajesh Nerlikar is a Co-Founder and Principal Product Advisor / Coach at Prodify and co-author of the best selling product book, Build What Matters. Rajesh has more than 16 years of product management experience. Over the past 3.5 years, he’s advised/coached 35 companies on product strategy, team development and operations, from startup founders to growth-stage product executives to entire enterprise product teams.
Sara Zalowitz
Sara Zalowitz is Managing Director and Product Management Executive, Coach, and Advisor at Prodify. Sara has 18+ years of experience in product management. Over the last two years, she has coached and advised more than 12 companies and product organizations. Previously, Sara led product at Barnes & Noble and Wedding Wire, and Digital & Technology Innovation at Marriot.
Building and Scaling a Product Org (With an Emphasis on Consumer Tech Companies)
Sara Zalowitz is Managing Director and Sr. Advisor/Coach at Prodify. Sara has 20+ years of experience in product management, including roles such as the CPO at Rent the Runway, VP of Product Management at WeddingWire and Barnes & Noble, and VP of Digital and Tech Innovation at Marriott. In this guide, Sara walks through building and scaling a product management function for consumer tech, including hiring, structuring teams, and roadmapping.
Outcome-based Product Roadmapping
Rajesh Nerlikar is a Co-Founder and Product Coach at Prodify, and co-author of the best selling product book, Build What Matters. In this guide he explains how to build a roadmap centered on customer outcomes instead of features shipped. He outlines how to balance new functionality with maintenance and tech debt, and how to run a cross-functional roadmapping process.

Areas of Expertise

Setting Product Direction and Strategy Prodify can help companies identify buyer personas and find the "product path of least resistance." Prodify can help Product Managers determine the key outcomes that buyer personas seek, and find tactical ways to prioritize the roadmap towards serving those and finding product-market fit.
Customer Discovery Prodify can help companies use qualitative and quantitative research to create customer insights. They can help Product Managers apply best practices to research their users and inform their roadmap.
Hiring Best Practices for a Product/Design Team Prodify can help executives decide when to hire product employees and what kind of candidates to look for. They can help companies with timing hires, resume review, and the interview process.
New Product Launch Prodify can help companies master the five steps (research, plan, prototype, learn, and launch) to launch a new product. They can help founders ensure you spend money on the right new product, and Product Managers with tactical launch advice.

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