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Michelle Hsu is the Founder of KJMH Digital through which she’s helping B2B SaaS companies build their marketing foundations so they can accelerate their marketing efficiencies and ROI. She covers content marketing, demand generation, integrated marketing, and ABM. Michelle previously held various marketing roles at Freshbooks, an accounting software for SMBs, Vision Critical (now Alida), a CXM and insights platform, and Trapeze Group, a public transit software provider.
Setting a Content Strategy Across Website, Blog, and Social Media
Michelle Hsu is the Founder of KJMH Digital and previously held marketing roles at B2B SaaS companies including Freshbooks and Vision Critical. In this guide, she demonstrates how B2B SaaS websites can be optimized for the right headers, call to actions, social proof, solution showcasing, and thought leadership. She also explains how organic social media and blogs can be factored into a corporate content strategy.

Areas of Expertise

Content Marketing From content strategy to metrics and reporting, Michelle is able to handle everything in between and set companies up for success when it comes to building a solid content marketing foundation.
Demand Generation From demand gen strategies to the development of webinars, nurture emails, LinkedIn ads programs, Michelle can help with the A to Z to enable your demand gen team in achieving marketing targets.
Integrated Marketing Combining cross-channel strategy with tactical detail, Michelle can help teams look at their marketing channels and strategies holistically.
Account-Based Marketing Michelle has experience strategizing, planning, running, and optimizing ABM campaigns ranging from highly personalized to programmatic.

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