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Customer Support Expert
Lindsey Comeau is currently the Head of User Research and Customer Service at Sunday, a direct to consumer lawn care subscription company, and previously led Support and Design Services at Artifact Uprising, an online printing company. Over 10+ years in customer support, she’s managed over 50 support representatives, established systems and processes, onboarded help desk systems from scratch, integrated customer support into the core of companies, and overseen outsourced teams.
Scaling Customer Support
Lindsey Comeau is the Head of User Research and Customer Service at Sunday, and previously was the General Manager of Design Services at Artifact Uprising. In this guide, she explains how to efficiently scale your support function while still providing high-level customer support.

Areas of Expertise

How to Outsource Support Lindsey can consult on outsourced support, including onshore vs. offshore tradeoffs and how to find the right partner. Outsourcing can be especially valuable for managing seasonal demand spikes or to offload admin tasks.
Implementing Help Desk Software Lindsey can help teams evaluate and implement Freshdesk, ZenDesk, and Gladly, and advise on how to customize these tools to fit the company’s needs.
Driving Agent Efficiency with Technology Lindsey can assist teams with putting tools in place that will make agents more productive. She can help create structure for infrastructures to help your team thrive so that churn and training aren’t your highest costs. She can also advise CS leaders on how to make the case to finance or engineering that the team needs to invest in software tools.
Fighting for Customers in the company Lindsey can help show you how to use data to drive customer centric decisions.

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