Elyse Savaki
Elyse Savaki
B2B Direct Response and Cold Email Expert
Elyse is the founder of OutreachCopy.com, an outbound copywriting agency that helps founders and full-cycle sales orgs tune their cold email messaging to generate more leads. She has over a decade of experience writing outreach, during which her agency partners have provided a platform to validate and test her ideas at scale across a multitude of industries.
AMA Recap: Optimizing Cold Email Outreach
In this Ask-Me-Anything, experts Elyse Savaki and Ed Forteau share their best practices on how to optimize cold email outreach from personalization to segmentation to deliverability.
Optimizing Cold Email Outreach
Elyse Savaki is a B2B Direct Response and Cold Email Expert whose persona-based outbound campaigns have booked thousands of meetings with decision makers at startups, SMBs, and international organizations. In this guide, she lays out a sample sequence, explains how outbound sellers can leverage tried-and-true direct response formulas, and walks through the tech that makes automated outreach easier.

Areas of Expertise

Sequence Design Elyse can design complete sequences and write copy for outreach emails (including elements to test) for companies looking for an outsourced copywriter.
Outreach Audits Elyse can review a team’s existing sequences, and team up with deliverability experts to ensure that deliverability, targeting, and copy are all hitting the mark.
Outreach Working Sessions For teams looking to tweak their strategy or build internal outreach competence, Elyse can facilitate working sessions.

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