Decoded Strategies
Decoded Strategies
Story-Based Marketing & Sales Strategies for Tech-Focused Companies
Decoded Strategies is a marketing and sales strategy firm focused on accelerating growth for tech-focused companies. Their service offerings include messaging strategy, content marketing and copywriting and sales enablement. They’re also StoryBrand experts, with experience running 100+ StoryBrand workshops.
Annie Mosbacher
Annie is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Decoded Strategies. Previously, she led CS and marketing at Glofox and NationBuilder.
Kristin Spiotto
Kristin Spiotto is the co-founder and CEO of Decoded Strategies. Previously, she’s been a product trainer at NationBuilder and a StoryBrand Private Workshop facilitator.
Capturing, Converting, and Nurturing Leads with Content
Annie Mosbacher and Kristin Spiotto are the Co-Founders of Decoded Strategies, a marketing and retention strategy firm that supports exceptional companies like McDonald’s, Synack, and Red Hat. In this guide, they walk through building lead-generating content, following up with emails to convert, and building a nurture program for leads that drop out.

Areas of Expertise

Marketing & Sales Strategy Creation Decoded Strategies can advise companies on their Marketing & Sales Strategy. They offer messaging workshops and build customer marketing roadmaps to guide marketing efforts and advise on content and channel marketing strategies.
Marketing & Sales Execution Decoded Strategies can advise companies on the execution of their marketing & sales execution. They can help devise website copy, email campaigns, sales pitch decks, scripts, and collateral.
Employee Hiring & Retention Strategies Decoded Strategies can help companies build messaging that helps them hire, retain and energize their best talent. They can help companies assess their hiring and employee retention gaps and build messaging with an employee branding workshop to hire and retain employees.
StoryBrand Workshops Decoded Strategies can facilitate StoryBrand workshops for companies. They facilitate workshops that help companies create repeatable messaging frameworks, build a core brand narrative that resonates with customers, and align and energize their teams.

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