Daniel Murphy
Product Marketing Leader with experience at Drift, Privy, Hubspot
Daniel is a former startup marketing executive with a decade of experience growing SaaS companies. Previously, Daniel was the VP of Marketing at Privy.com, ran product marketing at Drift (currently valued at over $1B), and headed demand generation at Onshape (acquired for $470M in 2019). Daniel is building DartStudios.io to help Shopify merchants grow their sales by connecting online and in-store customer data and created TheProductLaunchMasterclass.com.
Positioning and Launching a New Product
Dan Murphy has led product marketing at Privy and Drift, where he’s overseen over 70 product launches and more than a dozen large, new product launches. In this guide, he walks through how to position and launch major new offerings, including new products, products introduced to new verticals, acquired products, and important partnerships.

Areas of Expertise

Product Launch Framework Launches aren’t just for major new products; you should have a launch process for every time you go to market with new functionality. Dan has managed 70+ product launches, and can advise on launches of all sizes.
Building and Scaling Product Marketing Dan has been the first product marketing hire, and has been on product marketing teams as big as 12 people. He can discuss the stages of product marketing maturity and what the org and responsibilities look like at each stage.
B2B Brand and Audience Building Dan can advise on building a brand machine for a new audience, including unconventional thought leadership tactics (e.g. writing and publicizing relevant books - he’s launched 2).

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