Chris Flores
Chris Flores
Sales Development and Marketing Leader
Chris is currently a VP of Marketing who leads the sales development function at Bennie, an employee benefits tool software company. Previously, he was Namely’s first SDR, going on to lead the team and support the growth of the company from 4 to 600 employees and $0 to $65M in ARR.
Building a Sales Development (SDR) Function
Chris Flores was head of sales development at Namely as the company grew from 4 to 600 employees and $0 to $65M in ARR. In this guide, he describes best practices for designing the SDR role, establishing processes, and building a team.

Areas of Expertise

Hiring SDRs Chris can advise on creating a strong SDR job spec, evaluation criteria, and hiring process with company specifics in mind. He can also review candidates.
Creating Sales Playbooks and Training Materials Chris can review and advise as you build out your business' sales playbooks - consolidating your team's best practices and situational how-to guides.
Sales Process Optimization for $1-10M ARR companies Chris can help design (or re-redesign) lead stages and key reporting, and can assist with Salesforce design and implementation.
Selling HR Tools At Namely and Bennie, Chris has 5+ years of experience selling technology tools to HR/People leaders.

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