Customer Success and Voice of the Customer Expert
Anita Toth, Chief Churn Crusher at ATI, empowers B2B SaaS companies to blow past their revenue goals using customer retention research. With over 20 years of academic research experience, Anita uses a company’s customer insights as a business advantage. A multi-award winner, she also teaches 3 courses and leads the annual “Churn No More” workshop, which focuses on increasing customer retention and executive influence.
AMA Recap: Using Customer Intelligence to Drive Revenue
Meeting the needs of your customers starts with knowing them inside and out. A deep understanding of your customers helps prevent churn, drive expansion, and encourage referrals. In this Ask-Me-Anything session, three panelists take questions from the audience and discuss three approaches to understanding your customers with health scoring, Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) and qualitative approaches.
Collecting Voice of the Customer Insights to Prevent Churn
Anita Toth is a Customer Success expert specializing in Voice of the Customer customer feedback. In this guide, she covers qualitative Voice of the Customer research techniques, including surveys, interviews, focus groups, listening tours, customer advisory boards, and testimonials.

Areas of Expertise

Difficult Customer Conversations Anita coaches CSMs on having tough customer conversations to reduce churn and drive better customer outcomes.
Reducing Customer Churn Anita can train Customer Success Leaders who are looking for a data-driven approach to customer retention while elevating CS in the eyes of the C-Suite with the Churn No More Workshop.
Running Voice of the Customer Research/Customer Insights Data Collection Anita can help companies increase customer lifetime value by collecting primary research on your customers. She can help run customer surveys, customer interviews, focus groups, and more.
Improving Customer Retention Anita can help companies leverage customer insights to reduce churn and improve retention of existing revenue.
Expansion Revenue Growth Anita can help identify key points in the customer journey that are best for upsell/cross-sell opportunities.
Increasing Customer Lifetime Value Anita helps companies create a customer lifetime value flywheel, and increase customer lifetime value by increasing customer retention.

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