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Setting a Content Strategy Across Website, Blog, and Social Media

Michelle Hsu is the Founder of KJMH Digital and previously held marketing roles at B2B SaaS companies including Freshbooks and Vision Critical. In this guide, she demonstrates how B2B SaaS websites can be optimized for the right headers, call to actions, social proof, solution showcasing, and thought leadership. She also explains how organic social media and blogs can be factored into a corporate content strategy.


Driving Sales Velocity in Complex Enterprise Deals

Mark Vashon has led sales at major enterprise software providers including AgilOne, SuccessFactors and ServiceMax. In this guide, he describes how startups should navigate the varied stakeholders, established processes, and long sales cycle that comes with enterprise selling.


Designing Trainings for Go-to-Market Team Members

Roz Greenfield has led sales enablement at Optimizely and Oracle and is now the Chief Enablement Officer at Level213, a boutique sales enablement consultancy. In this guide, she explains how to design trainings for sales and other go-to-market teams that zero on the content that sellers actually need to do their jobs, without wasting time on non-useful information.


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