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Improving Your Company’s Online Brand

Ryan Erskine is a Brand Strategist with experience at the intersection of digital marketing, brand development, online reputation, and SEO. In this guide, he hones in on two main ways companies can improve their online brand: through better presence on review sites, and through better-branded search results. For both areas, he explains how companies can make sure positive results are the most visible.


Conducting Product Discovery

Jim Morris is the founder of the Product Discovery Group, through which he coaches product teams on idea development, user research, and testing with rapid prototypes. In this guide he explains how to use product discovery to test for value, viability, feasibility, and usability continuously, to minimize waste of precious development resources.


Increasing Prices Intelligently

Mark Stiving is Chief Pricing Educator at Impact Pricing, an advisory firm specializing in value-based pricing for B2B technology companies. In this guide, he describes how to manage a price increase (which probably shouldn’t be an across-the-board increase) including deciding how much more to charge, which customers should see a price increase, and how to manage the roll-out.


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