Tamara Grominsky

Tamara Grominsky

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Product Marketing Leader with experience at B2B software companies with 100-300 employees

Tamara is the Chief Strategy Officer at Unbounce, where she led the company’s conversion intelligence strategy, including an overhaul of customer segmentation and pricing. Her expertise is in driving go-to-market strategy and revenue acceleration at SMB-focused SaaS companies. She previously led product marketing at FreshBooks and Yellow Pages, and is an Expert in Residence with the Product Marketing Alliance. Across her marketing roles, Tamara has built 3 departments from the ground up, scaling teams from 0 to 30+ employees and shepherding products from launch to $17M+ in ARR.


Tamara Grominsky is the Chief Strategy Officer at Unbounce, and has previously led product marketing at other SMB-focused companies including FreshBooks and Yellow Pages. In this guide, she explains why customer segmentation is a powerful tool for improving conversion, acquisition cost, churn, and lifetime value. She outlines how to take on a segmentation project - from analysis to product packaging.


Other Areas of Expertise

Value Based Pricing and Packaging
Tamara can help companies who are seeking to understand their customers’ willingness to pay and feature preferences, and then build their pricing and packaging around those value needs.
Product Positioning and Messaging
Once you have segmentation complete, you need to think about how you position your product’s value for different segments. Tamara can help companies think through how to position value and build narrative design at the product level, the portfolio level, the segment level, and holistically.
Market Research and Sizing
Tamara can help companies think about how to size their total addressable Market (TAM), their target segments, and new markets or segments to expand into. She can also help companies think about how competitive dynamics impact market opportunity.
SMB to Mid-market Go-to-market
Tamara has experience across multiple companies in go-to-market strategy for lower-priced products, including those with self-serve or product-led sales motions, price transparency, and free trial models.
Communicating Market Strategy for Investors
Tamara led Unbounce’s Conversion Intelligence strategy, which resulted in the company's first funding raise of $52M. She can advise on conducting and packaging market research and segmentation intended for pitch decks and investor consumption.

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