Stacey Grotz

Stacey Grotz
Digital Marketing Expert

Stacey Grotz is currently the Vice President of Marketing at Ingenio, an e-commerce internet publishing platform. She’s previously led digital marketing teams at Google, Polycom, and ClearSlide. Stacey has experience with both B2B and B2C products, and across digital  channels including paid search marketing, social media marketing, display ads, SEO, email marketing, and affiliate marketing.

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Stacey Grotz is a digital marketing expert with experience leading marketing teams at Google, Ingenio, Polycom, and ClearSlide. In this guide, she lays out the pros and cons of different digital channels, describes the campaign planning process, and outlines who should manage digital marketing based on a company’s stage.


Areas of Expertise

Hiring for marketers
Stacey can help companies determine what kind of marketing hire they need given their stage, and help in the hiring process for lower-level or senior-level marketers
Setting brand strategy foundations
Stacey assists businesses in setting their brand look and feel, value prop, targeting and messaging. The right foundation helps establish the right parameters for advertising.
Explaining how your team would use investments for marketing
Stacey helps marketing teams prepare compelling funding requests, whether that’s making a case to the board or to investors in a fundraising round. She helps teams package up what their marketing programs would look like, and explain what the marketing team would do with additional budget.

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