Roz Greenfield

Roz Greenfield
Enablement leader, specializing in revenue enablement for tech companies with 50-1,000 employees

Roz is the Co-Founder & Chief Enablement Officer at Level213, a boutique consultancy that specializes in sales enablement for growing technology companies. She started her career as a top-producing sales rep and manager, before going on to lead global sales enablement and training at Optimizely and Oracle. Roz is passionate about storytelling and learning, and is a documentary filmmaker when she’s not working with revenue teams.

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Roz Greenfield has led sales enablement at Optimizely and Oracle and is now the Chief Enablement Officer at Level213, a boutique sales enablement consultancy. In this guide, she explains how to design trainings for sales and other go-to-market teams that zero on the content that sellers actually need to do their jobs, without wasting time on non-useful information.


Other Areas of Expertise

Sales Kick Offs (SKOs)
Roz has run 50+ SKOs and can advise on planning one with the right mix of agenda to kick off the new year, laying out goals, learning, and celebration. A well-executed and well rounded SKO also provides a space for people to let loose and interact with colleagues they might not ordinarily work with across different offices and roles.
Onboarding salespeople
One of the key sales enablement responsibilities (and one of the most critical moments for ramping productivity ) is Sales new hire onboarding. Roz can advise on structuring onboarding that’s tailored to the role, and covers both market-specific and company-specific knowledge.
Sales manager coaching
Roz has coached dozens of front line sales managers to drive their teams to productivity. She can help managers be better leaders and coaches, and (for those who don’t have enablement FTEs) create enablement resources at their companies.
Sales process and methodology development
Roz can help companies with the evaluation, selection, execution, rollout, and adoption of sales methodology and strategy.
“Enablement for enablement”
for rising enablement leaders, Roz runs a sales enablement apprenticeship program with curriculum that covers foundational enablement knowledge and typical programs, and applies concepts to projects they’re working on at their companies. Graduates of the program are fully equipt to execute as impactful Sales Enablement professionals.

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