Rajesh Nerlikar

Rajesh Nerlikar
Product advisor, coach, and recruiter

Rajesh Nerlikar is a Co-Founder and Principal Product Advisor / Coach at Prodify and co-author of the best selling product book, Build What Matters. Rajesh has more than 16 years of product management experience. Over the past 3.5 years, he’s advised/coached 35 companies on product strategy, team development and operations, from startup founders to growth-stage product executives to entire enterprise product teams. Prior to Prodify, he was a technology consultant at Accenture, an entrepreneur, a product manager at Opower, a senior product manager at HelloWallet, a director of product at Morningstar, and the Interim Vice President of Product and Design at Savonix, a Prodify client.

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Rajesh Nerlikar is a Co-Founder and Product Coach at Prodify, and co-author of the best selling product book, Build What Matters. In this guide he explains how to build a roadmap centered on customer outcomes instead of features shipped. He outlines how to balance new functionality with maintenance and tech debt, and how to run a cross-functional roadmapping process.


Other Areas of Expertise

Product Strategy
One of the key areas Rajesh helps clients is with product vision and strategy (where’s the product headed, why is that the right direction for customers / the company, why will we win in the market, how are we going to get there, etc). All of this is based on Prodify’s Vision-Led Product Management framework.
Coaching Product Folks
From first-time product execs to standalone product managers at startups to entire product teams, Rajesh coaches both teams and individuals to develop their craft skills and optimize their operations to ensure they’re always building what matters to customers and the business.
Recruiting Product Managers
Rajesh can help companies scope roles and hire for product managers and product leaders, especially first product hires (he finds a “Sr. Product Manager” role tends to work well for the first product person given a focus on roadmap execution).
Conducting Product Discovery
Rajesh can share best practices for conducting product discovery, including balancing qualitative and quantitative data, and tactical tips and tricks for live usability testing.

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