Shareil Nariman

Shareil Nariman
Customer Lifecycle and Onboarding Leader with experience at B2B software companies from 30-18,000 employees

Shareil is currently the Head of Customer Success at Arrows, a customer success software company. Previously, he led customer lifecycle management, including onboarding, at Sprout Social, a tool that enables brands to engage with their social audiences. He pioneered and facilitated the company’s “onboarding guild”, a cross-functional group of leaders who gather to optimize and learn from the customer onboarding process. Additionally, Shareil also led operations teams as large as 18 employees at, and spearheaded an upsell adoption effort for the company’s BookingSuite division, a portfolio of SaaS advertising and property management solutions.

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Shareil Nariman is the Head of Customer Success at Arrows. Previously, he led customer lifecycle management, including onboarding, at Sprout Social and previously led operations teams at In this guide, he explains how companies that offer lower-priced SaaS products can leverage cross-functional collaboration and automation tools to design high quality self-guided customer onboarding experiences.


Areas of Expertise

Customer Lifecycle Management
Onboarding is a critical stage in the customer lifecycle, but only one portion of it. Shareil can advise on how to design a cohesive customer experience from first contact to maturity.
Optimizing Onboarding
Creating a strong onboarding playbook for your company is not a “one and done” project, it’s an ongoing process that requires many, many iterations. Shareil can help companies think about what to tune next, based on the maturity of their current onboarding pathways.
Hiring and Managing Onboarders
Between and Sprout Social, Shareil has 10+ years managing teams of onboarders. He can advise on the tactics of running an onboarding team, like who to recruit onto the team and what KPIs to track.

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